Sunday, May 27, 2012

Complex Complements

The Quilter’s Studio Color Study Group                               April 21, 2012
Complex Complementary color schemes:                                                               
·         Like direct complementary pairs, complex complementary schemes are dynamic and exciting, but less bold/jarring than direct complements, richer looking and more sophisticated
·         Comprised of two color groups opposite each other on the color wheel
·         Many combinations for complementary!
o    Split Complement – 2 colors on either side of the complement of your color
o    Analogous Complement – 3-5 colors surrounding and including the complement of your color
o    Double Complements – 2 pairs of complements next to each other
o    Double Split Complements - 2 pairs of complements one space from each other
·         For balance, one of the colors is usually dominant, in amount and/or intensity.  Choose your main color first,then look at the possibilities for complex complements.  Use less of the other colors.


Analogous Complement (R,BG,G,YG,Y)                             Double Complements (V & Y, RV & YG)

Split Complement  (B, RO, YO)                      Double Split Complement (RO & BG, RV & YG)

 Homework for next class –June 16th 
·         Split, Double,Double Split & Analogous Complements – pages 68-71
·         Color Dominance – page 60
·         Classic Color Combinations– page 64
Project        Workshop 4  pages 162-165 – Complex Complements (choose one to work with)

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