Saturday, January 21, 2012

Class #1 Handout - Jan 21

The Quilter’s Studio Color Study Group                                                                          January 21, 2012
Tools for Color Study: 
·         A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color & Design by Heather Thomas
·         Color Wheel  (using the painter’s palette – 12 color system)
·         Value Finder (Ruby Beholder)
·         Sketch book for Color Journal
The 3 Elements of Color:  Hue, Value & Intensity
·         Hue is the celebrity, Value is the workhorse and Intensity is the best kept secret
Hue                        the name of the color in its basic form  (red, green, yellow, blue, etc)
Value                    the lightness or darkness of a color (dark, medium, light)
Intensity              the brightness or dullness of a color (pure hues, tints, tones, shades)
§  Shade   blackened colors
§  Tone      grayed colors
§  Tint        whitened colors
Neutrals               black, gray, white, tan, brown
Texture                the nature of a material’s surface, can be tactile (like velvet or cheesecloth)
or visual  (like fabric with a pattern, print, scale)
Contrast               differing elements that create visual interest, such as light/dark, smooth/rough

Homework for next class – February 18th 
·         The Language of Color – pages 16-23
·         Brown, Black, Gray and White – pages 50-52
·         Neutral or Achromatic – page 65
·         Texture  - pages 90-95
·         Value - page 97
·         Workshop 1 – Page 142      Use Neutrals with contrasts in Value and Texture  to make something
·         Make a Color wheel from your stash
·         Optional – start a Color Journal

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  1. I was so excited after our first class that I sorted my fabric by the color wheel! I learned that most of my "greens" were actually "yellow greens" and apparently I have a thing for "blue greens". :)